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Supercharged Contractor appointments!

Supercharged Contractor appointments!

Supercharged Contractor appointments!Supercharged Contractor appointments!Supercharged Contractor appointments!

We do the legwork for you!


Meet with your customers

Need a check picked up?  Someone to meet your customer for a final job walk through?  Handle a problem face to face with customer?  Samples picked up (or ordered) and delivered to your customers? We have a team that has been dealing with homeowners for decades.  We know the TLC that they want and deserve.  We'll leave the  impression that you want and need.  $125 per hour.  Pay after service is complete and you are satisfied.


Do you want great online reviews?  We know how to ask and what to say to generate a stellar review for your company!  We don't fabricate anything.  Most customers just forget to post a review or they have trouble with how to word it.  $125 per review.  Pay after your review is posted.  First Review Free!


Need help with permits?  We can help.  $125 per hour.

Negotiate Material Pricing

Need better pricing on the materials you purchase but just don't have the time to call and negotiate?  Send us your quote and we'll negotiate in your behalf.  No risk to you because we'll split the difference!

More Services on the Way:

Coming Soon!

Create an app for your company.  Wait on hold for you.  Wait in line for you.  Find sweet pricing on what you need for your business and much more...